Fizz & Clean is a revolutionary product that fights plaque, fights germs, whitens teeth and naturally freshens your breath while helping to reduce the development of cavities. It’s a toothbrush in a tablet, use everyday for a fresh and healthy mouth.

Fizz & Clean is sugar free and low carb, making it ideal for diabetics. It’s safe for all dental work and it’s made with tooth-friendly Xylitol, an all natural alternative in oral hygiene.

Use Fizz & Clean after meals, after coffee, before a meeting, when traveling, or anytime you can’t brush. For an exhilarating clean, simply place 2-3 tablets in your mouth and “Chew, Swish & Swirl” for 10-15 seconds.

Make a difference in your health today and order Fizz & Clean. Each bottle contains a 1-month supply of approximately 200 tablets.

2 bottles = $29.95 + $4.65 S&H
4 bottles = $59.90 + $5.85 S&H
6 bottles = $79.95 + $9.55 S&H SAVE $10.00