All ingredients have been used for years in other foods or Oral Care products and have been proven safe.

Sodium Bicarbonate: (baking soda) Used for centuries in cooking and has been proven as a safe and effective way to cleanse and deodorize the mouth aiding the fight against gingivitis, periodontitis and halitosis.

Silicon Dioxide: Used for cohesion in vitamin and pharmaceutical lozenges. Plaque Adsorbent: removes plaque, Adsorbent: adsorbs components of oral malodor.

Xylitol: Natural sweetening agent that has been shown to reduce cavities and fight tooth decay by reducing plaque accumulation.

Citric Acid: The main acid of many fruits (lemons & oranges). Stimulates effervescence and is a mild desensitizer for extra sensitive gums.

Mannitol & Sucrolose: Common sweeteners used in many sugar free breath candies. Sweetener to be used in place of sugar.

Mint: Used for flavoring.